How to wash silk clothing

First and foremost, always read the care label of your silk clothing piece. We recommend to handle your silk clothing with tender loving care to be on the safe side ❤️

#1 Do not use normal laundry detergent

Silk is a protein-based fibre made from the cocoon of silk worms. Regular washing detergents contain enzymes which can cause damage to the silk fibre. If possible, try to avoid the usage of any detergent. If that's not an option for you, there are some detergents specialized for silk on the market. 

#2 Hand wash silk clothing in cold water

Fill a small tub with cold water and agitate your silk clothing for about 5 minutes by hand. Let your clothing rinse carefully.

#3 Gently squeeze out the water

Please remember that your silk clothing needs tender loving care. Never ever twist or wring out the silk garment as it can damage the fabric. 

#4 Never tumble dry silk

The heat can cause damage or shrinking. It would be the best to put your silk clothing on a padded hanger, let it dry naturally and not in direct sunlight. 

#5 If possible, avoid ironing

If it's written on the care label that you can iron your silk clothing, then you should use a low temperature. On your iron should be a low setting mode, or sometimes it's stated with silk / nylon. Iron the clothes when they are still a little bit damp.

#6 Hang your silk clothing on padded hangers

To avoid crinkles on your silk clothing, we recommend to not fold the silk clothes. Instead, let them rest on hangers in your wardrobe.

We hope that helps.